For any service questions please contact us by


+7 (812) 331-87-36
+7 (812) 327-21-11



Mars-Energo accepts its products for:

warranty and post-warranty repair 


International customers may ship their devices to our service center to the address:

V.O. 13 Line, 6-8, office 41

Saint Petersburg, Russia, 199034

When you send your device for servicing please provide us with the following information:  

1) Device’s Model and Serial number 

2) Date of manufacture 

3) Date of putting the device into operation 

4) Condition of the manufacturer’s seals (in place, destroyed, absent) 

5) Description of the failure or defect 

6) Buyer details (Company name, address, etc., including name and phone number of whom the reply may concern)  

Find the device’s serial number and date of manufacture on the nameplate. 

Note! Please pack your equipment securely and also insure it against transportation damages.