Mars-Energo successfully supplied a set of equipment

In 2023, Mars-Energo successfully supplied a set of equipment for the calibration of electronic low-power voltage transformers (LPIT) to the Republic of Korea. The set included two essential components:

1) Capacitive High-Voltage Transducer CHVT-220, accuracy class 0.05 at 220 kV/√3

2) Dual-channel Voltage Comparator MarsComp K-1000, accuracy class 0.01

The end user of this equipment is the research center of Hyundai company.

The calibration of the capacitive high-voltage transducer was conducted at Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS).

The calibration report confirms that all metrological characteristics of the high-voltage transducer impeccably align with the customer's stringent technical requirements.

In response to the customer's specific needs, Mars-Energo specialists carried out preparatory checks and calibration of an additional electronic unit for the capacitive high-voltage transducer.