EnergoEtalon™ software in the United Arab Emirates

In 2018 EnergoEtalon™ software that is a key component of our Power Calibration System PCS-ME 1.0 has been supplied to The Emirates Metrology Institute (The United Arab Emirates). 

Such a remarkable result has been achieved in cooperation with D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology (VNIIM) (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) and the National Measurement Institute (NMIA) (Sydney, Australia). The joint project was focused on the development of a hardware and software setup based on 3458A Digital Multimeters and EnergoEtalon™ software.

The present UAE primary standard for AC power consists of:

  • reference voltage and current transducers designed and manufactured  by NMIA
  • 3458A Keysight Digital Multimeters
  • EnergoEtalon™ software (Mars-Energo)