Project status: Research & Development


MarsTest-61850: our mobile multifunctional reference setup generates and measures electrical signals in a substation. Unlike typical reference setups, MarsTest-61850 supports calibration of both conventional and 61850-9-2LE-compliant equipment.

Sphere of application

MarsTest-61850 is a solution for on-site testing and calibration of measurement channels in either conventional or digital substations

Components of the system:

  1. Energomonitor-61850 is a high-accuracy reference meter and comparator;
  2. Energoforma-61850 is a test signal/phantom power source that generates analogue test signals seamlessly adjustable in level and power;
  3. MarsGen-61850 is a calibrator of 61850-9-2LE data streams that generates digital test signals seamlessly adjustable in level and power;
  4. Laptop based remote control terminal with Energomonitor-61850ext and Energoforma-61850 software installed that controls the whole system and is responsible for displaying, processing and storing measurement results;
  5. External time server MKV-03C provides synchronization with UTC.

Calibrated equipment

  1. Voltage and current instrument transformers: conventional, electronic, and digital (61850-9-2LE). Accuracy classes: 0.05–0.1 (or less accurate);
  2. Class A PQ meters;
  3. Instruments for electrical measurements Electrical energy meters. Accuracy classes: 0.2S; 0.05–0.1 (or less accurate);
  4. Standalone Merging Units (SAMU);
  5. Phasor Measurement Units (PMU)